This page provides resources to encourage educators to share their content and design ideas.

Timeline Examples (Version 1)

The timelines listed below show examples of how the Timeline Creator software can be used. Designers from various institutions agreed to share their timelines to allow other educators to use their content or to get ideas on how the software can be used. Right click the download link at the end of the description to download the Events for a timeline. For copyright reasons, images cannot be downloaded. To list your timeline below, please send a brief description and web address of the timeline to

(Examples of the new version of the Timeline Creator will be available soon.)

Documentary Tradition (Version 1) - A timeline developed for a course about the History of Documentary Photography. This timeline displays milestones in the history of photography on the main band. Users can compare and contrast these events against technological advances, representative art works, and other cultural events on three subbands. (Download this timeline)

History of Art (Version 1) - A timeline developed by Ann Woodward of the History of Art Department at Johns Hopkins University. This timeline displays when works of art were created along with major events in politics & government, literature & music, and religion. For copyright reasons, images are not available in the detail view for this timeline. (Download this timeline)

American History (Version 1) - A timeline developed by the Kayleen Reese, a history teacher at Bonnie Branch Middle School in Howard County, Maryland. This timeline displays major events in American History. Subbands displays presidential election outcomes, major cultural events, and technology landmarks. For copyright reasons, no detail information for any events is available. (Download this timeline)

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