NOTE: The current version of the Timeline Creator software is Version 2.0. Therefore, undocumented bugs may exist. The project team requests users email bugs to so developers can improve the software for future users.

Windows and Mac OSX Download ( - 1.91 MB

Download instructions

  1. Click on the appropriate link above to save the timeline.exe (PC users) or timeline.sit (Mac users) file to your computer.
  2. Create a new folder or choose an existing folder in which to save the file. (It is recommended to create a new folder titled "Timeline")
  3. Locate the folder from step 2 in which the the file was saved and double click the file. This will extract the Creator.jar, timeline.swf, and timeline.html files to your computer.
  4. Double click the Creator.jar file to start using the software. Instructions for using the software can be downloaded from the Support page.
  5. JAVA 1.3.1 or later must be installed on the computer for the Creator.jar file to work. The free JAVA install is available for download at