The Timeline Creator Software is a simple-to-use resource that allows professors, teachers, and researchers without multimedia development skills to create an interactive timeline for teaching or presentation purposes. The tool can present up to six timelines simultaneously and allow the designer to embed images and detail information to each "Event". The designer also can customize the colors and text of the timeline interface.

The software download contains three components.

  1. Creator Application (Creator.jar)
  2. Timeline Template (timeline.swf)
  3. Timeline Viewer File (timeline.html)

The Creator Application allows the designer to enter the Events and to configure the Timeline Template interface. The Creator Application creates and saves the Events and interface configurations to an XML storage file (timeline.xml). JAVA 1.4.2 or later must be installed on the computer for the Creator.jar file to work. The free JAVA install is available for download at

The Timeline Template reads the Events and configurations saved in the XML storage file. The Template then creates the timeline. The Timeline Viewer is an HTML file that allows a user to view the Timeline Template in a Web browser. To view the timeline each user will need version 7.0 or later of the Flash player installed. The player can be found on the Adobe Web site at

Version 2.0 Updates

  • Users can now upload audio (mp3) and video (flv) media to go with events on their timelines
  • The Search tool is a new feature that allows users to perform a text search of items within the timeline. Upon searching for a key word, a list of results pops up. Users can then click on each list item to find out more information.
  • A final additional feature is a corresponding "date range" bar that appears next to each selected item. This bar allows the user to find the exact date in which the event occurs.

For more information on using the tool, please research the Support page.